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How The Pros Sell Weight Loss

Feb 03, 2016

As you know I am not a fan of most "Madison Avenue type" advertising you see permeating the airwaives.

That being said, this time of year offers some of the best examples of how the pros sell stuff through targeted copywriting and marketing.

And no…it’s not those cutesy Super Bowl commercials…its Weight Loss Season!

The big diet companies know this is the time of year they have to make their nut, and they do not spare expenses in hiring the very best copywriters to target their prospects hot buttons, the needs, wants and desires of those looking to shed some pounds (ummm, like 90 % of our country)

They speak to the current problem or desired end result, help people visualize the succeeding in their desires, identify the problem, agitate the problem and then provide the solution while overcoming all objections.

I sat down and looked over the ads of some of the biggest companies advertising for 2016, and distilled their core message down to 12 factors which they target their message, along with examples from each.

Bonus: These are not applicable just for weight loss, these can be parlayed to any product, service, or topic you are selling.

 1. A big promise- The core benefit in just a free words

  • Nutrisystem- “10 lbs 5 inches the first month”
  • Weight Watchers- “Lose 10 pounds on us, FREE”
  • Jenny Craig- “3 times more weight than dieting alone”

 2. Suggestive selling- Help the person suspend disbelief and dream of the person they can be.

  • Nutrisystem “Your 10 can turn into 20, 30, 40 even 50”


3. Target a certain demographic- Nichefy as much as possible

  • Nutrisystem- “Guys bust that gut”


4. Easy weight loss / Address Lifestyle needs /Target Challenges

  • Nutrisystem- “Easy to follow plans, no counting, no measuring, no meetings”
  • Weight Watchers- “Lose 10 pounds on us, FREE”
  • Weight Watchers- “No pressure” “Customizable”
  • Weight Watchers- “Online or personal meetings”
  • Nutrisystem – “Shakes crush hunger”


5. Highlight a special thing, object, supplement, packaged food, that provides greater benefits, makes them unique, better and easier

  • Nutrisystem – “Shakes crush hunger”
  • Jenny Craig- “Customize your menu, over 100 items, over a dozen new foods, eat what you love”
  • Weight Watchers- “Beyond the scale”


6. Targets a common and big problem- something that most people have trouble with, and few find the answers

  • Nutrisystem- “Guys bust that gut”
  • Nutrisystem- “Bye bye stubborn belly fat”


7. Additional benefits other than weight loss

  • Nutrisystem- “Lose weight improve health have more energy”
  • Weight Watchers- “Happier, healthier”


8. Reduce /Eliminate risk

  • Nutrisystem- “Money back guarantee”
  • Weight Watchers- “Affordable”


9. Provide visualizing content

  • Nutrisystem- Actress holds a town pound weight and says “your first 10 pounds gone”


10. Philosophy of FREE

  • Nutrisystems- “Free Shakes”
  • Weight Watchers- “Lose 10 pounds on us, FREE”


11. Proof

  • Testimonials
  • Celebrity Endorsements



PLUS… if you go to their website, and I am sure its in their marketing material, they ALL OFFER A CUSTOMER REACTIVATION PROGRAM…for those who lost their way, fell off the horse and are ready to make a go at it again- because this is a very common factor in your average dieter.