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Functional Pharmacy Five 9/15/19

Sep 15, 2019

Here’s this weeks Functional Pharmacy 5- where I share some health or practice building tips in about 5 minutes…give or take 😊

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who was on the introductory CE for Functional Pharmacy Certification, we had an amazing turnout and great response.

I am really excited to expand this journey with you.

If you signed up for level one, congrats, and if you didn’t, let me know any questions or concerns you have, and you can sign up at any time, even if you were not on the call this week.

Just click here for more information

And…as we are putting together Level II as we speak, I would love to hear what you would like to see… (the video explains more 😊 ) not to belabor…

And ready for the 5? Enjoy the video…I share with you some of the tid bits on health and wellness from Level I – the Power of Play and being in Nature.