Dispensing Humanity Amidst Chaos: The Currency of Empathy, Relatability & Connection

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I was on a weekly call with one of the members in my mentorship program and we were talking about putting a training together for their staff on depression and anxiety.

A lot of the trainings that I create via functional and lifestyle pharmacy follow a structure of: diet, movement, rest and repair, other lifestyle factors, and nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals.

When you break it down this way it provides a very comprehensive way to address your patients needs and problems, while promoting sales and profit centers through products and services.

So, often its, “what are the protocols, etc?”- and I will be the first to tell you, don’t get hung up on protocols.

Protocols are to give you direction, although they are never a one size fits all approach.

In this conversation on depression and anxiety…we diverted the usual course.

And instead of the core Five Areas I spoke of above, we talked about listening and how valuable that is, not just in the cases of depression and anxiety, but in all matters of health- especially now.

Aside from the polarization, the right the wrong, the what's the truth and all the stuff in between…the handling of COVID has made a huge impact on the welfare of our society.

And, I’m not talking about catching it, getting sick from it, I’m talking about the mental and the emotional impact it has made…it’s really bad for a lot of people.

When this all began in early 2020, I wrote about past pandemics and the toll that social distancing and isolation took on people…it was really bad, like PTSD bad.

And the studies I was looking at were of short duration compared to what we are experiencing. “COVID” has been weaved into the fabric of our society, and has found a place in peoples minds and emotions; anger, fear, apathy, and so much more.

As pharmacists, especially community pharmacists, there is a huge role we can play for our clients. Often-times we might be the only people they have contact with, whether it’s over the phone or in person, especially the elderly.

This has brought aspects of humanity, of connection and support front and center, and believe me, this is one of the most valuable forms of currency you can bring in to your practice, as well as to your own wellbeing.

I am grateful when I can be that ear for a customer to speak to, to just listen, to empathize, and to support.

And I get it.

In a busy day we are doing all we can to keep our head above water. And as I teach in my coaching and mentorship program on energy optimization, these periods of proactive disconnection from the task at hand, to something so meaningful, will top off your energy tank, I promise.