Could this be Amazon's one reason for success?

compounding pharmacy pharmacy pharmacy marketing Nov 08, 2017

The question no longer seems to be IF, but, WHEN and HOW will amazon enter into the pharmacy market.

I wrote a previous blog on how to prepare, understand why amazon is so successful and how to differentiate yourself to offer what they most likely cannot in the pharmacy market.

Jeff Bezo's is undeniably one of the most prolific business leaders of our time- up their with Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and others when it comes to disrupting industries and thinking way outside the box, a leader in innovation.

From such leaders, captains in their respective industries, there are always take homes- fine sticking points that seem to be mainstays and even seeds to their success.

Even though amazon can easily be considered a tech an ever changing, innovating, and morphing industry...Jeff Bezo's had one rule that seems to have served him very well...

Focus on the things that don't change

We often find our selves demographic'ing everything. "How can I get more Millennials to shop?" "What are the 'boomers looking for now?" etc etc

I suggest this can be a mistake if your marketing and business growth solely looks at demographics.

I have written before about the cultural creatives, a group of people who span demographics....when you market to them you market to their VALUES which are shared by many, regardless of age, sex, geography, etc.

Let's take this even a bit broader...and ask ourselves...what values and wants have not changed over the ages? 

  • Time saved
  • Life made easy
  • Money saved
  • Solutions to problems
  • Health matters
  • Sickness sucks
  • Expertise you can trust
  • ....and something it is emerging- that piggybacks off of expertise you can trust- transparency.

These values and wants have always been there.

I'm sure if we thought about it a bit we could come up with some more, although this is a great starting place for you and your business to explain how you serve your market in all of these ways.

Then, before each and every staff meeting, email to customers, ad that you write...look over this list and let it be a driver for your branding and positioning.