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Chances Are You Will Be Shaking Up Your Status Quo

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We all have a status quo that we revert to…kind of like our path of least resistance, our pre-set which if we let our guard down, we snap back to.

It has been created after years of habituation and conditioning, it's our “comfort zone”- and you know what they say- “Nothing grows in the comfort zone.”

So, the antidote…Challenge your status quo.

I did just that these last few months.

Its no secret I like a little bit of ease served as a side (or main course) to life…and this has been a consistent for me in all areas of my existence; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Recently, I have been challenging my physical- and the resounding message that has come from it, is, “You can do hard things”

And since, how we do anything, is how we do anything, not only can I do hard things physically, I can do so mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Allow me to explain…

This past March, Kay Corpus MD and I headed out to the Phoenix area for @movnat certification training.

Kay making ease of the side-swing traverse

As you can see in the pic below, I acquired a number of "movnat tattoos"- aka bruises. Level I was 3 days of intensity in the Arizona heat, we were bug bitten, bruised, and dehydrated in the 103 degree weather…and it was awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, it challenged me on every level, although, I found a certain peace within it, because I was only focusing on what the task was at hand, making it through my training. And not the 19 million other things going on in my life an any given time.

That’s when you know something is perfectly challenging- it demands you into flow, to stay in the zone, just to survive out of it.

Then…I went on to Level II training, which was two more days on top of the first three of training…which I was not able to nail down everything on the test out. There were two movements that I was not able to complete, which I could complete when I got home, after further training, and send in to my coach.

These were a double pop up and side swing ups.

I was a bit discouraged, as I attempted these during the level II training, I knew there was no way I would be able to complete them, I felt underprepared, and underconditioned.

Although…it provided me a lofty goal.

So…Off I went…got back home, and I knew what my goals were…to solidify a double pop up, dead hang in the middle, and a dual side swing…

A lot was going on in life…as always is, and I could not let that slow my progress, but I did.

How easy is it to put important things off, because they usually have some sort of difficulty to them…

And remember, I can do hard things…

Kay Corpus MD is an amazing coach, and she kept on me, pretty much drove me to the local park to practice…

And after many times, complete exhaustion, as you will see below, I nailed the double pop up, and then a few days later…the side swing up.

Click on the pic for the double swing up

My goals don’t stop there. As you can see I can refine my technique and there are some levels of strength and agility to work on.

Next year I am dead set on completing my Level III training as well.

So remember, when adding a new component to your life, such as implementing a consulting practice, that takes you away from your status quo, ESPECIALLY if its in addition to what you are currently doing…you can do hard things!