Boundaries will grow your business

#pharmacy #pharmacist #functionalmedicine #functionalpharmacy #functionalpharmacist #functionalmedicinepharmacists #pccarx #ncpa #pdx #pharmacyowners #communitypharmacy #chainpharmacy #independentpharmacy Nov 18, 2021

I want to share with you one of my life lessons- truly one of the lessons I am meant to conquer during this time on planet earth- implementing healthy boundaries.

What I have come to realize, we pharmacists are horrible with boundaries. 

We tend to everyone elses "emergency" before our own, and the truth is, they are often not emergencies...does this sound familiar?

We have to start looking at our time and our energy as important as our money. Theft to our time and energy via lack of boundaries, it's just as serious as theft of our money.

It is absolutely critical that we guard our time and our energy as carefully as we would our money by executing strategies that allow for healthy boundaries.

My three biggest tips for this is:

  • Begin the day with YOU! Whether it be quiet time, time to plan our YOUR day, exercise, or whatever, create that piece of time and space to focus on you and what you need to do and get done. (I promise, this is for the good of your loved ones as well)
  • Be clear on expectations and responsibilities with your staff, customers and clients (yours and theirs)
  • Do not be a slave to the constant onslaught of emails, texts, and phone calls. Turn your notifications off, set up a times when you check in.

One the the biggest challenges I see with pharmacists starting AND GROWING their own practice is implementation, and one of the hurdles that get in the way is that they have not created the proper boundaries to get from A to B.

Talk soon,


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