Big Thought of the Month The Power of the Pack: Why Doing It All By Yourself Will Keep You Mired in Mediocrity

Jul 08, 2024


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I'm about to shatter a myth that's been holding entrepreneurs back for far too long. You know the one: the romantic notion of the Lone Wolf, the rugged or brilliant, individualist who conquers the world solo, eschewing the help of others. Adding a special sauce that no one’s done before, bringing their formula or method to a world hungry and starving for it.   

Stay with me for a moment…because you can still make it all your own. In fact, I implore you to do so…although you can’t do it alone.   

The lone wolf theory is a dangerous, damaging fantasy. And if you've been buying into it, it's the reason you haven't achieved a fraction of what you're capable of.   

Think about it. In the wild, lone wolves don't exactly thrive, do they? They're vulnerable, scrounging for scraps on the periphery. It's the packs that dominate, that hunt with ruthless efficiency and protect their own.   

The Illusion of Solo Success   

Same in life and business. History’s greatest achievements were rarely the work of one person. Behind every “lone wolf” success story is a hidden pack:   

·       Invisible support: Family, friends, and mentors who provide emotional support and guidance.   

·       Collaborative Sparks: Partnerships and teams that ignite innovation through diverse perspectives.   

·       Communal Knowledge: Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, learning from their experiences.   

The idea that you can reach your goals in isolation, without a supportive tribe and mentors to guide you, is a recipe for stagnation. Maybe you put in the long hours, sweating over your latest project, convinced that pure hustle is enough. But without outside perspective, without people who've walked your path to offer shortcuts and warnings, you're stumbling blind.   

Every great leader in history and titan of industry, had a coterie of confidants and generals. Because the truth is, we all have blind spots, we all hit ceilings that require an outside push to shatter.   

The Pack Mentality   

Wolves teach us that the pack is greater than the sum of its parts. Shared efforts lead to:   

·       Hunting success: Cooperative hunting yields larger pretty than any wolf could take down alone.   

·       Mutual protection: The pack defends its members with a ferocity individuals cannot match.   

·       Shared wisdom: Experienced elders teach survival skills and pass on critical knowledge.   

Embrace and Build Your Pack   

Look for a community of like-minded practitioners, like “The Other Ones” Beyond the Labs Community. Dial in a bit deeper, identify the areas where you're weak, where you need uplift. Is it marketing? Sales? Hiring? Once you pinpoint your gaps, go find people who excel in those areas. Attend seminars, join masterminds, deeper coaching such as Beyond The Labs Healers Journey, find online communities centered around your niche.   

But don't just lurk, engage! Offer value in return, trust me, you have value. Share your own insights, promote others' work, be a source of positivity and support. Because the best networks are a two-way street.   

And most importantly, seek out mentors, people who've achieved what you want and are willing to guide you. Don't be afraid to reach out, to ask for advice. The worst that happens is they say no. But often, you'll be surprised by how willing others are to help someone hungry and sincere.   

This is what Beyond the Labs and my newly released, Healers Journey is all about. Learning from my 20 + years’ experience in the trenches. My wins, my losses and learns, my scrapes, celebrations, Aha’s, and more.   

And I get it, maybe you are straddling two worlds- working the job, looking to build the biz, and you want to do it all, so save some coin. Take it from me… this has slowed my evolution and growth dramatically. It wasn’t until I got serious about guidance, coaching and tips from the trenches, and implementing them, did my trajectory change.   

Now, I know what you're thinking. "This all sounds great, but where do I even start?" Well, let me tell you about a program that's been a game-changer for me and countless others in the pharmacy space: Beyond The Labs (BTL).   

Run by Robert Kress, a 20-year veteran of functional medicine and the founder of Functional Pharmacy, BTL is more than just a certification program. It's a community, a network of like-minded pharmacists committed to growing their practices and transforming patient care.   

With BTL, you'll get the clinical training you need to thrive in functional medicine, but even more importantly, you'll get the mentorship and support of people who've walked your path. You'll learn how to build a practice that aligns with your purpose, that lets you do the work that truly fulfills you.   

So if you're tired of feeling like a lone wolf, if you're ready to build a network that propels you forward, I urge you to check out Beyond The Labs. It won't be a fit for everyone, but for those who are serious about growth, about building a business and life on their own terms, it could be the catalyst you've been missing.   

So don't wait. Stop buying into the Lone Wolf myth. Build your pack, and let the real growth begin. Your future self will thank you.   


- Rob