Back to Our Roots

Mar 01, 2020

It’s a funny thing,

Sometimes we can get wrapped up in their discontent of our profession…

  • PBM strong hold
  • Declining reimbursements
  • Spiraling job satisfaction
  • Desire for autonomy
  • Market saturation

And what always drives me forward, gets me lit again, is going back to our roots.

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Think about what is core to pharmacy... 

  • Pharmacists where amongst the original researchers in nutritional medicine- way before the chemical dominant system took hold
  • Aside from nutritional medicine, even our allopathic medications have roots to the jungle and the rain forestThere is a rising tide TO GO BACK to FOOD PHARMACY
  • and not to mention, all the lifestyle factors that come with.

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Join me on a journey going back to our roots. It's an exciting time for our profession.

Only two more days to download Functional Pharmacy Foundations, The Pharmacists Guide to Implementing and Growing Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.

These are the roots to take hold to grow and expand- the foundations of language, know how, tools and support.

Plus, if you purchase (only $28) between now and Tuesday, you will get 1 month free of the Functional Pharmacy Monthly Accelerator, and a kick off consult with me.

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 Talk soon,