Another element my exercise routine was missing, and it was experiential, not physical

Nov 24, 2019

Functional movement is a big part of my health routine and becoming part of my practice these days as I am now a licensed yoga instructor.

For many years I have been at ‘at home’ exerciser- not going to gyms or studio’s, though instead doing my primal exercises (sprints, plants, pullups, pushups, etc) from home and yoga mostly via youtube.

That’s until about 6 months ago, I began going to the local CrossFit gym two to three times a week, and with yoga teacher training, was spending a lot of time in the studio.

And it all is amazing, what I realized at the time what was not in my workout routine, was community!

In both CrossFit and Yoga there are built in communities, which adds to the health benefits as social support in and of itself is a strong factor in ones health and wellness.

And today…I was re-introduced to another…Nature!

At the same time I began finding myself INSIDE the CrossFit gym and yoga studio, I had to let go of something, and that was my Sunday sprintdays.

I love to sprint, for many reasons. As Mark Sisson says, nothing cuts you like sprinting, and then there’s the stimulating hgh and testosterone, muscle growth, fat metabolism, and organ reserve…oh, and the temporal bliss it offers someone with functional ADHD lol. Although it wasn’t that stuff, I was getting that from CrossFit and yes, certain yoga classes.

For me sprinting is done outside, in nature, and that’s’ the element. No artificial material beneath my feat, no black top or roadways- straight dirt and sand, tree’s, breeze, and whatever elements are thrown my way.

Being in nature is yet another element that offers profound benefits to ones health; Boosts the immune system, Lowers blood pressure, Reduces stress and cortisol, Enhance wellbeing, Improves sleep and more!

Take a look at your workout. Is it balanced? Balance is between strength training, cardio, mobility, all teetering between up and down regulation.

Is there a balance of the where, how, and most importantly, why! Bring your intuition to the table, your schedule is not set in stone, be spontaneous, and enjoy it! Research shows that exercise you don’t enjoy can impair your endocannabinoid system and the body perceives as stress.

Happy Sunday!

In health, Rob