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13 Qualities & Strategies of the 'Naturally Skinny'

weight loss Feb 18, 2016

If you offer weight loss services within your practice, here are some great tips- these are the 'secrets', or the qualities and strategies those who naturally keep weight off, unconsciously use.

The Global Weight Healthy Registry is a product of New Cornell Food and Brand Lab, to survey adults who have successfully maintained a healthy body weight throughout their lives.  Those who voluntarily signed up for the registry answered a series of questions about diet, exercise and daily routines.

The researchers then divided the respondents into two groups.

·         Group one consisted of 112 adults who reported that they didn't maintain strict diets.

·         Group two consisted of those who dieted regularly, thought about food frequently and were highly conscious of what they ate.

The goal was to see what health behaviors differed between those struggling to lose or maintain weight and those who do it effortlessly.

After comparing the responses from each group, the researchers found that those who maintain healthy weight so easily are were more likely to have lifestyle and dietary qualities and use strategies that differ from traditional recommendations for weight loss or maintenance.

Those who maintain healthy weight easily:

1.      Eat high-quality foods.

2.      Cook at home a lot.

3.      Listening to inner cues on dietary and lifestyle choices.

4.      They didn't indicate feeling as guilty as the other group about overeating.

5.      More likely to have an enjoyment-based, internally informed approach to food and eating.

6.      61% said their favorite meat is chicken

7.      7%  were Vegetarian

8.      33% don’t drink alcohol

9.      35% eat salad at lunch

10.  65% eat vegetables with dinner every day

11.  37% do not drink soft drinks

12.  42% exercised 5 to 7 days per week

13.  48% don’t diet, and 74% rarely diet

To summarize; dieting is not the answer, regular exercise is important, plant slant, but not a plant only diet is key, chicken is the choice for meat, eat out less, eat quality over quantity, alcohol can cause weight gain, honor your intuition, not your cravings, and don’t kick yourself if you over-eat.