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"Rob has been invaluable to my practice. The nuances that he addresses, from medication management to supplement dosages, in relation to lab values and lifestyle has made a tremendous impact to the outcomes of my patients. I believe every medical practice could use the assistance of a functional pharmacist, especially one that is trained through Rob’s program."

Kay Corpus M.D.

"I encountered Rob in a CE that he presented, and the information was so transformational that I made the effort to seek him out on social media to see if he had a mentorship program. I immediately signed up without hesitation. Under his mentorship the journey of the next ten years was condensed into 3 months! He provided so much clarity as to where I was going and what my niche and next steps should be. I am forever grateful for his commitment to me, his mentee and his guidance on this journey."

Johann Beukes, Pharmacist

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Ramblings and Reflections with Rob- Inspired Focus

May 09, 2023

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