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Functional Pharmacy University and Business Building Academy

The How to Implement and Grow, Beyond Functional, Low Cost and High Value Monthly Membership Empowering Wellness Driven Pharmacists to shun the Disease Management paradigm & create and grow a rewarding and profitable functional medicine practice & life they love.

This is your Functional Practice Guide, Directing and Empowering You to The Peak of Your Functional Medicine Practice.


The Functional Pharmacy Blueprint


Are you looking for the blueprint, the Freedom Formula, the step by step guide to a Do It On Yourself Functional Pharmacy Blueprint.

In the Functional Pharmacy Blueprint, Robert shares with you everything you need to create your own Functional Pharmacy practice, from science backed woo woo strategies to the nuts and bolts of core practice needs; software, product lines, nutritional resources, protocols, and more.



Practitioner Functional Medicine Consulting and Mentorship


Work one-on-one with Rob to create, tweak, implement and grow your Functional Medicine Practice into the sustainable, autonomous practice of your dreams, whether you are an individual practitioner or a retail pharmacy.

Working directly with Robert you will have access to his twenty plus years in the functional medicine industry, from building and running his own practice, educating others on the in’s and out’s of functional medicine, direct response, and educational marketing and sales. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of what you don’t know, hop on the fast track to practice growth while saving time, money, and wasted energy, Modern Alchemist Consulting and Mentorship is for you.



Patient Consulting and Coaching


Robert has joined Soul of Medicine Functional Medicine with Kay Corpus MD to head up the Mens Health Program. As functional medicine practitioners, we uncover the root cause of your symptoms versus just bandaging or pacifying the problem. Often there is a connection with the gut, hormones, adrenal health, inflammation, pain, and fatigue.

The Men’s Health Program focuses on four sources of energy that help us fuel performance, drive, and our overall vitality.

Physical: Muscle to fat ratio, nutrition, sleep, movement, rest and repair.
Emotional: Do you feel positive emotions on a regular basis, Are you emotionally resilient? Or are your negative emotions running the show?
Mental: Are you able to focus and concentrate for sustained periods of times? Or are you quickly losing focus and get distracted?Spiritual/Energetic: How’s your motivation? Do you have a purpose in life? And a clear set of values that drive your actions?