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Functional Pharmacy Practice Initial Consult

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We can begin with what we call The Root Cause Review visit to understand your concerns, review where you’ve been on your journey, and create a clear path on how to attain your goals.

This is basically the business version of our initial visit we implement in our medical practice. 

Here we spend up to 90 minutes hearing about You, your goals, your concerns, where you are in practice, where you want to go.

During this time you will be able to start to develop a vision, see a path that is possible to implement, expand our grow your current functional medicine practice.

From here you have the option to continue on to one of our mentoring programs, online courses such as our Functional Pharmacy Bundle.

If you are looking to gain clarity, see what possiblities await you, and decide what your first steps on your path will be, sign up for your Functional Medicine Root Cause Review with me today


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Functional Pharmacy Elixir & Monthly

The How to Implement and Grow, Beyond Functional, Low Cost and High Value Monthly Membership Empowering Wellness Driven Pharmacists to shun the Disease Management paradigm, Bring Alive Their Entrepreneurial Chops & create and grow a rewarding and profitable functional medicine practice & life they love.

This is your Functional Practice Guide, Directing and Empowering You to The Peak of Your Functional Medicine Practice.


The Functional Pharmacy Consulting and Coaching Blueprint 

The "If I had this when I began my career in Functional Medicine over 25 Years Ago!."- it would have been a no-brainer, game-changer...guaranteed!...Functional Pharmacy consulting and coaching blueprint by Lifestyle and Functional Pharmacist, Rob Kress"

Stop spinning wheels and wasting time if expanding your career into lifestyle and functional medicine is your calling

Including in this program- Everything you need to:

  • Build your practice, then creating actionable goals to be worked on.

  • Your vision and goals, from science backed woo woo to the nuts and bolts of your practice.

  • Positioning and Branding- Identify and promote the reason why someone would visit you amongst the competition.

  • Designing, Tweaking, implementing, expanding one’s lifestyle and functional medicine practice- from where you are at, we will co-create or expand your current offerings in lifestyle and functional medicine.

  • Training and Education- In addition to what you bring to the table, providing regular training and education on functional medicine and business building, as well as personal growth strategies.

  • Marketing and Communication- Unique to your current situation, finding the best and most cost-effective way to promote ones


Functional Pharmacy Blueprint & Modern Alchemist Coaching & Mentorship Program

 Work one-on-one with Rob to create, tweak, implement and grow your Functional Medicine Practice into the sustainable, autonomous practice of your dreams, whether you are an individual practitioner or a retail pharmacy.

Working directly with Robert you will have access to his twenty plus years in the functional medicine industry, from building and running his own practice, educating others on the in’s and out’s of functional medicine, direct response, and educational marketing and sales. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of what you don’t know, hop on the fast track to practice growth while saving time, money, and wasted energy, Modern Alchemist Consulting and Mentorship is for you.


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