NOT JUST A NEWSLETTER...So Much More- For The 'Not So Average Pharmacist' Whose Not Afraid To Think & Practice Differently

Finally! A Pharmacy Program for Pharmacists Like You and Me

But first, let me ask you...

Are you tired of only being a vendor for Pharma?

Did you get into this profession for the art and the science, and not to be a processor for insurance companies?

Did your pharmacy studies lack in educating you on natural medicine or even marketing a practice?xh

Are you hungry for ‘real world integrative pharmacy’ and professional independence?

Are you tired or ‘thinking’ how natural medicine could enhance your business, but frustrated at the lack of time, and don’t want to invest in expensive programs with no guarantee’s they will work?

Let's face it- pharmacists like us are different than the rest; we think differently, we love our profession for the RIGHT REASONS- the art & science of pharmacy, we do not want to settle to be vendors for Big Pharma and insurance processors.

Fortunatley pharmacists like us sit in the sweet spot where medicine meets natural & customized therapy- and the Functional Pharmacy INSIDER brings it all together- what customers want and what you can provide…very exciting times!   

The  Functional Pharmacy INSIDER is essentially an integrative pharmacy seminar coming to you every month. The INSIDER provides you access to our monthly members only newsletter, special reports, regular members only counseling nuggets on lifestyle medicine fromm the pharmacy counter, direct access to us behind the seens, and a whole lot more.

The Functional Pharmacy INSIDER focuses on where the opportunity and reward in our profession is, and how the next 5 to 10 years offers unlimited opportunity for pharmacists like us  who believe in the passion, the purpose, and the rewards of pharmacy.

Functional Pharmacy INSIDER is dedicated to enhancing profitability and professional satisfaction through integrative medicine for pharmacists and staff. We bring you the best of Age Old Wisdom and Modern Day Discoveries to you covering;

  • Nutrition

  • Compounding

  • Interviews with the Experts

  • Homeopathy

  • Marketing

  • Personal, professional and business growth trends

  • ...and more. 

Whether you just opened your doors, are working for a big box retailer, are a technician, studient, or you are a seasoned veteran…

Whether you just want to sell nutritional supplements, or you want to start or expand your counseling practice, or hone in on your business acumen- YOU WILL FIND A TREASURE TROVE OF BRANDING, MARKETING, EDUCATION...A VIRTUAL SEMINAR IN EVERY ISSUE

For a limited time, the Functional Pharmacy INSIDER Monthly is only $29/month...the price of a fancy coffee drink!

The INSIDER is a must for anyone in the pharmacy profession who thinks beyond lick, stick, pour, and submit.

...AND...It's Guaranteed!  

If you feel this publication is not a fit for worry, just send us an email and we will 100% refund your latest issue.

Just click the link in the upper right, and begin bringing the Function back into your Pharmacy Practice...and the latest issue will be sent to your email box

P.S.- BONUS !!!

Sign up now and not only will you sign up at the introductory $9.00 per month, but you will also have access to our Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion and Repletion Program- ONLY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS IN OUR content vault and coaching programs. Not only is it an ethical obligation to make our customers aware of drug induced nutrient depletions- this program makes it so much easier and profitable.

Talk soon,

Robert B Kress RPH Editor / Functional Pharmacist

Functional Pharmacy INSIDER