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Robert Kress here, The Godfather of Functional Pharmacy.

And, I want to welcome you to my world...In fact, what has been my world for the past 20 years...The World of Functional Pharmacy and Beyond.

If, you want to cut through the crap, claim a fast start to to your Functional Pharmacy Career, from someone who has practice pharmacy all the while developing these programs...

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  • Functional Pharmacy University Core Training- The Ultimate Training in Lifestyle, Functional Pharmacy, and Metabolic Pharmacy. This training will not only give you the background training, but will help give you direction on what the future has to offer your career.
  • Functional Pharmacy Coaching and Consult Blueprint - An all in one, Build Your Vision, Your Goals, The Nuts, The Bolts, the Implementation & Growth Training for Your Practice
  • Functional Pharmacy Elixir Gold Growth Monthly Membership- Case Studies, Look Over My shoulder, Members Only Email, Implementation, Community and Connection.

When you purchase, the Blueprint and the Core Trainings are yours. The monthly memberships you get for Free for 3 months.

Plus The Bonus'

  • 1 Hour Consulting Set Your Course with Me
  • The Book- Whole Pharmacy, Reversing Trends of Disease in an Overmedicated Society

Claim Your Functional Pharmacy Foundations Now

Claim Your Functional Foundations Now
Beyond the Labs has been so much more than just another podcast or fictional medicine training.   If you are feeling stuck getting your practice off the ground or feel overwhelmed by all that you are learning TAKE THIS COURSE.  
Rob offers an outside the box way to help your patients.   Unlike other FM courses he nurtures our RPh need for evidence on what to do by teaching how to interpret at a variety of labs.  However, the name of his training implies, he teaches so much more.   
Part of Rob’s approach helps you to look at yourself so you know how to encourage patients to be introspective in finding solutions.  He teaches you to analyze a a patient’s chief concern using all tools ranging from a philosophical to physical approach.  
The time and energy Rob brings to his trainings and office hours is invaluable.  Join BTL, you will be glad you did!
Bianca Bradshaw , Pharm D, Functional Health Coach, Owner and Operator of Elmore Pharmacy and Bee Healthy Functional Medicine and Wellness Coaching

When I first decided I wanted to integrate more functional medicine into my pharmacy practice, I was very confused as to where to begin my training.  There were so many different programs that would happily take my money.  The more I looked, I kept coming back to the godfather of functional pharmacy, Rob Kress.  He has tailored his program specifically to pharmacists and has been using the protocols and techniques he teaches for many years.  He called me before signing up and we chatted for about 30 min and I knew instantly that this would be the best place for me to start my training.  He spends significant time coaching and helping us understand his patients and thought process.  The materials he provides in the Beyond the Labs program are extensive and very helpful.  I am so grateful for the support group of other like minded pharmacists in the cohort and the community that he has created.  I highly suggest that any pharmacist considering functional medicine to jump on a call with Rob before paying for other training programs and join the Beyond the Labs community!  

Tyler H- Pharm D, Utah

I first heard about Rob and functional pharmacy through a CE I registered for on Freece.com. To say I was blown away, is an understatement! The topics being discussed were exactly what I envisioned Pharmacy should be, and not being only run by the government and insurance! The beyond the Labs training is an absolute GAME changer! I couldn’t think of a better way to further your Pharmacy degree now matter what area you are currently practicing! Don’t hesitate to sign up with Rob, he is a born teacher and an absolutely incredible human being….this is what every Pharmacist should be learning, be part of the movement!

- Michael Naso  Rph Orlando, Florida