All The Education, Tools and Support You Need To Build A Successful Lifestyle Functional Pharmacy Practice

This is the "I wish I knew then what I know now" fast start and accelerator to a functional and lifestyle medicine practice- consulting, mentorship and  solution. Watch the video, click the link below to claim a limited spot.

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Attention: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners.



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Are you are looking to create  or expand your own functional consulting and coaching practice, looking to enhance functional sales and services in your pharmacy?

Welcome to the "I wish I knew then what I know now" Fast Start Accelerator to a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Practice!

Work with me and use my 20 plus years in the functional medicine industry to:

  • Avoid the costly pitfalls of what you don't know
  • Save time, money, and energy 
  • Hop on the fast track to a profitable and rewarding practice congruent with your lifestyle
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Welcome to the Modern Alchemist  Week Personal Coaching & Mentorship Program

Hi, Rob here!

Thanks for stopping by.

My guess is that if you’re like the other pharmacists I coach and mentor, then creating a career that is in line with your beliefs on health and lifestyle means a lot to you.

This is exactly why I have created The Modern Alchemist Coaching and Mentorship Program.

As I looked back on my 25 plus years in the industry, what has worked, what has not, from different modalities of clinical practice to marketing and branding, creating a culture within the pharmacy which extends to the community, gaining obvious expert status and now to current day, creating training programs and teaching, The Modern Alchemist was born.

Every client’s experience is different, this Mentorship and Coaching Program is designed to help you create, implement, or expand your current functional medicine practice, meeting you where you are, and setting course to take you where you want to be.

The Modern Alchemist is a Done With You Program, meaning that we work together to customize a program and implementation process best for you.

What does coaching with me look like?

My Mentorship is designed to meet you were you are at, and provide you a customized experience.

We work together one on one between 2 and 4 hours per month, which provides what you need to move forward with your vision and dreams- bringing it into physical reality.

I will be your guide to assist you with shifting gears, creating boundaries, putting all the nuts and bolts together, while helping with implementation, marketing, and continued growth.

My Modern Alchemist Mentorship program is designed to meet you from where you are at and build from there to create the Functional Pharmacy Practice that you desire.

I create a training website for your pharmacy, which includes foundational training, specialized training, houses our group recorded sessions together, look over my shoulder lab results and recommendations, marketing templates and more.

Between the times we meet, you have one on one access to me for questions,  and over the interim week, we continue to co-create the program together, from vision to putting all the needed moving pieces together (wholesaler, scheduling calendar), figure out one’s niche’, marketing message, creating the structure of the practice, and more.

Why me?

…Because I have done it, and I continue to do it.

I walk my walk and talk my talk. Nothing I provide you, I am not actively engaged in currently, haven’t tested and done myself, in my own practice as well as working with other clients like you.

Our working together includes:

  • Your vision and goals, from science backed woo woo to the nuts and bolts of your practice.
  • Positioning and Branding- Identify and promote the reason why someone would visit you amongst the competition.
  • Designing, Tweaking, implementing, expanding one’s lifestyle and functional medicine practice- from where you are at, we will co-create or expand your current offerings in lifestyle and functional medicine.
  • Training and Education- In addition to what you bring to the table, providing regular training and education on functional medicine and business building, as well as personal growth strategies.
  • Marketing and Communication- Unique to your current situation, finding the best and most cost-effective way to promote ones business.
  • Support- With this program, the client gets direct, ongoing access to me to look at all areas of their business, reading labs, developing protocols, marketing, etc. The Client and Consultant meet two to four times per month, one on one, one-hour visits, as well as access through Voxer app, which the consultant checks at least twice daily.
  • Access to Functional Pharmacy University & Practice Building Academy.

We begin with a thorough questionnaire which I send out to assess where we need to start first. Then I road map our process together, we create goals and objectives to meet along the way.

This coaching offer includes practical steps and rock-solid principals to guide you in:

  • Being in continual creation mode
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt in your business
  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Avoiding becoming a slave to your practice
  • Increasing your confidence in your purpose and work
  • Forming your unique and authentic brand based on your truth
  • Creating marketing programs that ring the cash register and book appointments
  • Handling set-backs, crisis, and anxiety in your life and business
  • Forming your core, foundational business beliefs
  • Increasing your magnetism and obvious expert status
  • Goal setting and manifesting
  • Becoming an entrepreneur with intent and grit, who moves forward with flow, ease and confidence
  • Developing next steps, away from transactional income to continuity cash flow
  • Building effective boundaries that reflect your integrity

Right now, as I write this it’s April 16'th, 9:55 AM

As you can imagine, with the customization of this coaching and mentorship program, there is a lot of time involved, so I can only have a certain number of active members at one time.

I am now holding space for 5-10 new clients between now and May 1’st. (depending on how many individuals or pharmacies and level of program intensity)

What's the Cost?

Once again this depends on some of the factors above, how DIY you want it to be, and how much customization, one on one meetings, etc.

On average the program runs between $1200 and $2800 per month, cancelable at any time. and I am even releasing a total DIY model shortly which will be offered at just $2000 to $3000 for the entire year, training, marketing templates, etc.

Click here now to schedule your FREE CALL WITH ME to make sure we are a fit for each other, answer any questions that you might have. Then the next step is to get to know you and your practice and get this program rolling for you.


Kay Corpus M.D. Integrative & Functional Physician

"The nuances that Rob teaches and addresses, from medication and supplement protocols and dosages, especially in relation to lab values and lifestyle has made a tremendous impact on the outcomes of my patients.
Pharmacists play a critical role in Functional Medicine and I believe every medical practice could use the assistance of a functional pharmacist, especially one that is trained through Rob’s program."