As I looked back on my 25 plus years in the industry, what has worked, what has not, from different modalities of clinical practice to marketing and branding, creating a culture within the pharmacy which extends to the community, gaining obvious expert status and now to current day, creating training programs and teaching, The Modern Alchemist was born

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The Modern Alchemist 16 Week Coaching & Mentorship Program

Hi, Rob here!

Are you ready to truly embody your role as a functional medicine practitioner, a wellness advocate and professional consultant, a leader in the field of health and wellness…for you, your family, your community, and your business?

If you can give me a moment of your time…I would like to share with you what The Modern Alchemist Personal and Professional Coaching and Mentoring can do for you.


  • You are ready to claim WHO you are as a functional medicine practitioner and true advocate for health…
  • You are a pharmacy owner looking to turn your pharmacy into a Functional Pharmacy
  • You need some clarity and focus on WHAT to create? What is your niche? Who will be your patients? Should you do one on one, group coaching? Maybe a multi-week coaching program?
  • You are part of the mass exodus of pharmacists from a profession we once believed in, although has pushed us to our breaking point…and you know there is a better way, you just want to make sure you are on the fast track to do so…
  • You are in one of those pharmacy careers where things are OK...although deep down inside you realize, nothing grows in the comfort zone, it's often the comfort that kills ones passion and your ready to write your own story, ignite that fire and fulfill your purpose…
  • You have been spinning your wheels, maybe due to overwhelm of responsibilities, or polarized, not knowing where to go next in your journey…
  • Are tired of being an assembly line pharmacist, and want to truly begin to help people…
  • Are looking for reliable direction, support, and don’t want to waste time re-inventing the wheel… WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, are ready to develop your personal approach in the field of functional medicine…

Than you are ready for The Modern Alchemist Coaching and Mentorship Program.

As I looked back on my 25 plus years in the industry, what has worked, what has not, from different modalities of clinical practice to marketing and branding, creating a culture within the pharmacy which extends to the community, gaining obvious expert status and now to current day, creating training programs and teaching, The Modern Alchemist was born.

Every client’s experience is different, this Mentorship and Coaching Program is designed to help you create, implement, or expand your current functional medicine practice, meeting you where you are, and setting course to take you where you want to be.

The Modern Alchemist is a Done With You Program, meaning that we work together to customize a program and implementation process best for you.

The Modern Alchemist Coaching and Mentoring with Me Is ABOUT YOU! Yes! I am about the training and coaching and MAKING YOU THE OBVIOUS EXPERT….AND…its about IMPLEMENTATION- what you need to do when Monday comes around and practice is open.

What does coaching with me look like?

My Mentorship is designed to meet you where you are at and provide you a customized experience.

We work together one on one, which provides what you need to move forward with your vision and dreams- bringing it into physical reality.

I will be your guide to assist you with shifting gears, creating boundaries, putting all the nuts and bolts together, learning you what you need to learn, feeling comfortable where you need to feel comfortable- while helping with implementation, marketing, and continued growth.

My Modern Alchemist Mentorship program is designed to meet you from where you are at and build from there to create the Functional Pharmacy Practice that you desire.

Between the times we meet, you have one on one access to me for questions, we continue to co-create the program together, from vision to putting all the needed moving pieces together (wholesaler, scheduling calendar), figure out one’s niche’, marketing message, creating the structure of the practice, and more.

Why me?

…Because I have done it, and I continue to do it.

I walk my walk and talk my talk. Nothing I provide you, I am not actively engaged in currently, haven’t tested and done myself, in my own practice as well as working with other clients like you.

Our working together includes:

  • Your vision and goals, from science backed woo woo to the nuts and bolts of your practice.
  • Positioning and Branding- Identify and promote the reason why someone would visit you amongst the competition.
  • Designing, Tweaking, implementing, expanding one’s lifestyle and functional medicine practice- from where you are at, we will co-create or expand your current offerings in lifestyle and functional medicine.
  • Training and Education- In addition to what you bring to the table, providing regular training and education on functional medicine and business building, as well as personal growth strategies.
  • Marketing and Communication- Unique to your current situation, finding the best and most cost-effective way to promote ones business.
  • Support- With this program, the client gets direct, ongoing access to me to look at all areas of their business, reading labs, developing protocols, marketing, etc. You and I will meet four times per month, one on one, one-hour visits, as well as access through Voxer app, which I check at least twice daily.
  • Access to Functional Pharmacy University + Grad School & Practice Building Academy.

We begin with a thorough questionnaire which I send out to assess where we need to start first. Then I road map our process together, we create goals and objectives to meet along the way.

This coaching offer includes practical steps and rock-solid principals to guide you in:

  • Being in continual creation mode
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt in your business
  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Avoiding becoming a slave to your practice
  • Increasing your confidence in your purpose and work
  • Forming your unique and authentic brand based on your truth
  • Creating marketing programs that ring the cash register and book appointments
  • Handling set-backs, crisis, and anxiety in your life and business
  • How to command higher prices in a down economy
  • Forming your core, foundational business beliefs
  • Increasing your magnetism and obvious expert status
  • Goal setting and manifesting
  • Becoming an entrepreneur with intent and grit, who moves forward with flow, ease and confidence
  • Developing next steps, away from transactional income to continuity cash flow
  • Building effective boundaries that reflect your integrity

If you have found yourself spinning your wheels, not moving forward, or polarized on what to do next...or, you need that soundboard to listen, and objective voice for guidance...this program is for you!

Right now, as I write this it’s April 1, 2023

As you can imagine, with the customization of this coaching and mentorship program, there is a lot of time involved, I can only have a certain number of active members at one time, thus am opening two to three spots right now.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s the cost?

I have priced this program to provide you the value, time and attention to your goals, and resolution to step forth now.

This program is 4 months in duration (16 weeks)- and costs $4500 one pay or, 3 monthly payments of $1550

Just click the link below for what works best for you!

It's time to step off of the side-lines and into your purpose...your passion, embody what is waiting for you


P.S- I make no guarantee's of income, and I am not a lawyer, thus I do not give legal advice. I promise to help tweak your perception, uncover possibilities, goals, and purpose while walking with you and supporting you on this path.
P.P.S.- This mentorship is not for everyone- this is for the practitioner who is ready to make a change, and will implement the time and energy to do it. If you are comfortable with your discomfort, and the pain has not gotten too great in your current circumstance , or you are OK with where you're career is, and don't want more, than this might not be for you.
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